Prepping for your custom interior

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Getting new custom upholstery is a very exciting part of building a hot rod or rebuilding a classic car. The transformation from an empty shell into a finished, comfortable cabin really changes the appearance and feel of your car. When you get into a properly trimmed car, three of your five senses will be triggered. You will notice things like the new car smell, the feel of the soft material and the quietness provided by insulation underneath the upholstery.

There are many unseen sides to a custom upholstery job. This guide is designed to help educate you on obstacles many upholstery shops face during a job. These obstacles are generally items that should be thought of before the car arrives for interior work, and in turn will drive up the end price of the upholstery bill.

It is recommended that you use it as a checklist, going over each item closely, while examining your project for tasks that could/should be taken care of before dropping it of at the shop. Many small items that go overlooked during the general build process of the car can end up costing you more money on the upholstery, as well as later on after the vehicle is completed.

By following this guide, and having a good line of communication with the upholsterer, you can save yourself some money and headaches, and have a finished product that both you and your upholstery shop will be proud of.

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